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Fall Into Flamenco

October-November 2019



Brava Theater, San Francisco

Friday, Oct. 25, 8pm


Rooted in the deep flamenco legacy of

Jerez de la Frontera, celebrated dancer 

Maria del Mar Moreno makes her first Bay Area appearance joined by guitarist Pepe del Morao, percussionist Luis de la Tota, young singer Tomasa Peña Santiago and special guest artist, Diego Agujetas. Del Mar Moreno explains: "For me, freedom of expression is fundamental but so is the essence of flamenco...  the real strength of flamenco comes from gut feelings, the most profound part of all human beings".



CD release celebration

La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley

Saturday, Oct. 26, 8pm


An historic concert celebrating the release of the CD “Agujetas y Morao” which brings together two of the most important flamenco families of Jerez de la Frontera. Diego Agujetas –like his brother, the legendary Manuel Agujetas– is a revered elder known for his ability to evoke the duende of the ancient Gitano cantes. Pepe del Morao, one of the brightest stars of his generation, follows in the footsteps of his grandfather Manuel Morao, his uncle Moraíto and his cousin Diego del Morao, guitar-playing innovators who have defined the unique sound and rhythm of Jerez flamenco. They will be joind by young singer Tomasa Peña and percussionist Luis de la Tota.


ABANICO: 100 Years of Flamenco in the Bay Area

Cowell Theater, San Francisco

Friday, Nov. 29, 8pm


Join the entire community of today's Bay Area-based flamenco artists in a historic performance celebrating the contributions of flamenco elders and the key gathering places and performance venues of the past 100 years. We will tell the history of our community and at the same time, showcase today's rich local flamenco scene. Directed by Nina Menendez, the performance will feature a series of new works choreographed by Yaelisa, La Tania, Carola Zertuche, Melissa Cruz, Roberto Zamora, Aldo Ruiz and La Fibi. 

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